Blog - Know Before You Buy for Sunstone SLPO Series 48V Lithium Battery

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Blog - Know Before You Buy for Sunstone SLPO Series 48V Lithium Battery

Know Before You Buy for SLPO Series 48V Lithium Batteries

Do not leave the battery unused for a long period of time. Perform a full charge and discharge cycle at least every few months to maintain the accuracy of the SOC.

Air Switch
If you have an air switch installed between the battery and the inverter, we recommend the following power-on order: air switch, battery, inverter. By opening the air switch early, you can prevent the high current that may occur when the inverter is turned on due to the charging of large capacitors. This prevents short circuits and therefore protects the BMS.

For safety reasons, lithium batteries are not fully charged when shipped to customers.

Series Connection
This product cannot be connected in series.

Parallel Connection
All modules must be in 100% SOC before being connected in parallel.
A maximum of 23 modules can be connected in parallel. When purchasing, please let us know if you need to connect the batteries in parallel. If so, we would offer you modules of the same thrust. It is forbidden to connect modules from different drawers in parallel or to combine them with the other modules.

Series-Parallel Connection
Under no circumstances may the modules be connected to each other in series-parallel connection.

Charging or Discharging Current
Under no circumstances should the charging current or discharging current exceed 100A.

Charging Voltage
Under no circumstances should the charging voltage remain above 54.0Vdc for more than 60 seconds.

Charging Cycle
During the charging cycle you must always ensure that the constant voltage limit and the constant current limit are never exceeded.

If an alarm occurs, immediately address the cause and, if possible, get the matter back on track.

Short Circuit
Under all circumstances, take precautions against short circuits.

Physical Damage
In the event of physical module damage due to any cause, you must not operate the module under any circumstances. In this case, please contact us in good time.

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