Blog - The Characteristics of Sunstone Power AGM Batteries

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Blog - The Characteristics of Sunstone Power AGM Batteries

The Characteristics of Sunstone AGM Batteries

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Sunstone Power AGM battery is suitable for UPS backup power to a floating charge. It is a type of VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead-acid battery), which means that it is completely sealed and maintenance-free, does not cause pollution, and has a low risk of safety incidents. They also feature a wide operating temperature range and excellent high-current discharge performance. The plate is made of high-grade alloy and has better anti-corrosion performance, which can ensure a long service life of five years (SPT series) or ten years (ML series).

AGM batteries can be used in network equipment, data centers, emergency lighting systems, security monitoring systems, and other scenarios. It can also be used as a replacement for gel batteries in solar systems. Here is the number of cycles for your reference: 500 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. The sturdy construction also allows it to be used both vertically and horizontally on the floor.

The Characteristics for 12 volt AGM batteries for SPT and ML series:

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