Company FAQ's

Q.What is the definition of "cycle use" and "standby use"?

"Cycle Use" - direct power source:

It can provide the power supply to power tools, portable electronic products. It can also be used for cycling charging and

discharging usage such as electronics motorbike or vacuum cleaner.

"Standby Use" - back up power:

Mainly used for emergency power to avoid future damage that may be caused ...

Q.What are the concerns when using Sunstone batteries in a parallel or a serial series?

1. Do not mix brands, models and date codes?

2. No separate discharge then charging in a serial configuration.

3. Under parallel usage, pay close attention to the differences in voltage in each circuit.

4. If the difference in voltage in each circuit is too high, do not charge/discharge as parallel.

5. The environment of all circuits must be simila...

Q.How can you check a battery"s performance?

Different usage applications will use different methods for evaluating a battery"s performance. Using a 20 hour rate or the 10 hour rate, you can use 0.05CA or 0.1CA to discharge the battery until the battery reaches a terminal voltage of 10.25 volts. You can then calculate the amp hours to see if the battery fits the specifications or not. For a 5 minutes rate, such as the HC1221W, you...

Q.When should a deep-cycle battery be used?

Deep-cycle batteries are used when 50% or more of the capacity is used per cycle. The most common use of deep-cycle batteries is in applications that require deep, repetitive drain, like powerful car audio systems, trolling motors, golf carts, electric wheelchairs, or RV house power sources. Public safety and high-performance vehicles are other applications that call for the special characte...

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